TALISMENT : Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Neurological, Psychiatric, Metabolic and Sleep Disorders


Governance of FHU TALISMENT is through an executive board composed by a board of directors anda steering committee, a governance council and an operational management team. An external scientific advisory board will be constituted.

The steering committee

The steering committee is composed of the leaders of the six WP divided into three committees :

  • Research and transfer committee,
  • Care committee,
  • Teaching committee.

The steering committee, helped by invited external members (members of the external scientific advisory board, of the board of directors, academic and industrial project partners), acts on guidance of the FHU project, evaluates financial reviews and progress reports.

A first meeting will take place within the first 3 months of setting-up the FHU TALISMENT. Then a bi-annual meeting of the Steering Committee will be scheduled.

A Scientific Advisory Board will be established with 5 international experts. 

The board of directors

The board of directors is composed of the coordinator and co-coordinator of the FHU and 4 directors elected by the partners of FHU TALISMENT for 5 years (a research director, a transfer director, a care director and a teaching director).

The board of directors establishes a link between the Steering Committee and the operational management.Quarterly meetings of the board of directors will be organized: conference call or face-to-face meetings. The board of directors will draft an annual progress report for presentation to the steering committee. After validation by the steering committee, the final report will be presented by the board of directors to Bordeaux University Hospital, Bordeaux University, Charles Perrens Hospital, AVIESAN and Bordeaux INP composing the governance council.

The operational management team

An operational management team will be set up in direct association with the board of directors. A project managerwill promote communication, collaborations, preparation and implementation of common projects, identification and help for grant submission. He/she will be at the interface between the board of directors and the 6 operational WP. Each WP is coordinated by 2 or 3 leaders presented in the project and is responsible for progress of the WP.