TALISMENT : Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Neurological, Psychiatric, Metabolic and Sleep Disorders


FHU TALISMENT objectives are:

  • To develop new tools for diagnostic of neurological, psychiatric, addictive, metabolic and sleep disorders using innovative technological, biological and clinical tools and markers
  • To implement new health care organization via e-health tools and a common data base(Hospital data management, non-human interventions, home care, patients and hospital staff safety) in the future Hospital
  • To develop innovative preventive strategies (i.e. sleep hygiene, nutrition, cognitive tasks, craving management)
  • To develop innovative therapeutic approaches:pharmacological (CB1 signaling specific antagonists, treatments of dyskinesias) and non-pharmacological (neurostimulation, computerized cognitive and behavioral techniques)
  • To implement innovative pedagogic strategies (MOOC, simulation, virtual patients)
  • To enhance transfer and industrial partnerships (Start-ups, home care companies, E-health companies)